Award-Winning Hats Remastered

Since the origin of our cotton/linen hat line in 2014, we’ve continued to rely on our field crew, product editors and customer feedback as an approach to improve and grow. That’s how we approached development for our expanded line of hat designs and graphics. Our hats are known to age gracefully and fit better with each wear, so our goals were to enhance comfort and remaster iconic cotton twill styles.

In 2017, we received the prestigious Gray's Best Product Award from Gray's Sporting Journal for our line of Cotton / Linen Hats.

One of our most distinct features of our hats is the glare-absorbing Optic black under brim to help combat against harsh reflected sunlight providing optimal vision while on the water. With 30+ UPF protection and modified brim lengths for optimal coverage, you’ll stay protected and see better on the water.

"The attention to detail in 12WT's Cotton / Linen line of ballcaps made me appreciate an article of clothing so ubiquitous that I'd started taking it for granted." Miles Nolte, Gray's Sporting Journal Writer

Our hats have reviews from customers across the globe, a testament to how versatile the design can be across a multitude of locations and conditions.

In addition to the brim modifications and glare absorption, we’ve reimagined details commonly found in most hats with comfortable alternatives. Our clip closure system with an elastic strap provides customers with a comfortable fit across a wide range of head sizes and there’s no Velcro hook to catch on your sun mask. We also removed the metal button commonly found at the top of hats. This decreases weight and improves comfort. If you’ve ever bumped your head on that metal button you know what we mean.

"I have fly fished for 30 plus years and a good hat is a must. These hats are the best designed and most comfortable I have ever owned!" - Jeff Hargrove

Protection is pivotal, but we also understand you’re not always sitting idle in the sun. With consideration for movement and screaming backing activity, we installed a moisture-wicking headband across all styles and selective double paneling, while still keeping our hats lightweight and breathable. Additional paneling has been added to the forward panels of the hats to add some “soft structure”, increased UV protection and to maintain a clean, soft interior so that embroidery stitching doesn’t come in contact with your forehead.