Tim’s Picks

Meet Tim Adams, Twelve Weight Field Crew member, owner of Oxbow Brewing Company, avid angler, and Mainer since the age of 3. His love for fishing started as early as he can remember: He recalls rearranging tackle boxes more than playing with toy trucks or action figures. After a childhood full of fishing, Tim travelled and lived all over, from Tokyo to Colorado, where he picked up fly fishing and his brewing practices. But with his roots on the East Coast, Tim knew coming back home to Maine would be the perfect spot to start his own brewery.

Oxbow Brewing Company was born in Newcastle, Maine in 2011, and this is where all of the beer is brewed to this day. Growing quicker than he had ever expected, there are now two more locations, one in Portland and one in Oxford, Maine. Watching his business grow has been incredibly rewarding, not to mention being able to foster other hobbies in tandem, for example the cross country ski trails in the Oxford location.  

The original brewery in Newcastle sits along the edge of an oxbow, a horseshoe bend in a river. Any river with an oxbow could travel quicker in a straight line, but instead takes the scenic, more time consuming route, much like Oxbow’s brewing style. Tim’s brewing process is not rushed, it is well thought out, to craft the best beer they can, no matter how long it takes, which happens to be similar to Twelve Weight’s philosophy.Though Tim always wanted to return home to build his brewery, he didn’t realize how much other small business owners in the area would inspire him.

"I chose to base Oxbow in Maine because Maine is home for me. I have been inspired by the products that are produced here, and the producers who make them. I'm so glad I came back to my roots."

Tim came across Twelve Weight, and was immediately curious about this local fly fishing apparel company. Tim reached out and got in touch with Steve, 12wt partner, and later headed over to his studio to take a look through the products. Tim and Steve hit it off immediately, with the same outlook on fishing and life, they have become great friends and have spent many days on water together. “Steve is a special guy, who runs a special brand, and is an impressive striper fisherman.”, Tim is so glad he made the connection.

Tim has built a strong relationship with Twelve Weight and always found himself impressed by the product’s quality and comfort. As soon the Sun Screens were released, he knew these would be perfect for his consumer base as well. Tim sent over some artwork, and Steve took care of the rest. Now, Oxbow carries their own branded Sun Screens, and they have been a hit.

"I loved the 12WT Sun Screens so much, I had to make them for Oxbow!"

Tim’s first, and most treasured, Twelve Weight product was the OCEANwt hoodie. From the first time he wore it, the quality was evident. "It’s stripped down design was durable and well crafted." This has always been his go-to, from long, sunny days on the water, to cooler conditions when he can comfortably layer.

The 5 Panel Cotton/Linen Logo Hat was Tim’s first Twelve Weight hat, and when we came out with the new design, he knew he had to get another. The Big Swell 6 Panel Hat and Heritage Camper Hat are also his go-to lids when heading out for a session on the water, or working at the brewery. Tim puts his hats to the test, from soaking them in salt spray to accidentally giving one a bath while cleaning the brewing vat.

“I can’t get enough of Twelve Weight’s products. The comfort and quality are evident." Tim spends a lot of time in Twelve Weight gear, on and off the water, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.