Freedom to Breathe

Mike Thompson, 12WT Ambassador, who has had lots of experience with facemasks, has mostly found himself running into suffocation and fogged glasses at the worst possible moment, like when the guide is pointing to a tailing bonefish and it appears as only a moistened blur. He has tried masks incorporated into hoods, masks with contour cuts and breathe holes, masks with cool graphics from fishing locales far and wide—at the end of the day they all stayed around his neck and not where they were designed to be.

Before his trip to Patagonia he made sure to order a FREEwt Mask, which he later claimed to be 'the best sun mask ever". The difference Mike found with the FREEwt Mask was...

"It has a panel that covers your nose and mouth with a more breathable fabric than the rest of the body used. I figured in theory it should work better, but I had to be convinced. It went with me on my next trip, and to my delight, it outperformed anything I had ever used. Eureka!"

On his trip, the only time Mike took off the mask was for photos, and to his surprise it doubled as a dust mask on the long horse rides to the river.