A weight has been lifted.

We have all felt the weight of our shades after a full day of fishing. That’s why Bajío goes to great lengths to design each and every pair of our sunglasses to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible.

A lightweight option.

Bajío’s lightweight feel is attributed to three things: material, engineering and fit. By choosing lightweight bio-based nylon for our frames, polycarbonate for lenses and designing out any excess material, the result is extremely lightweight, comfortable and virtually indestructible sunglasses. In addition, the better our frames distribute weight around the head and face, the better your sunglasses fit and the lighter they feel.

Designed with purpose.

At Bajío, every frame has a reason and purpose. Each has unique features—from performance elements like blocking out light from the upper corners, or adding curvature for a more secure fit to lessening curvature for a slightly more relaxed fit and a flatter frame design with style for miles. No matter your personal preference, each frame size and style are designed to fit well and feel comfortable all day long.

For coverage and comfort.

It’s a long and tedious process—but worth every effort at the end of the day. We sketch out designs by hand, do 3D CAD modeling, and make prototypes. Tons and tons of prototypes. Then we test hundreds of styles on hundreds of people out in the field. Non-stop. Only once it’s unanimous—meaning a particular model has been determined an overall favorite by the most testers in terms of fit, fashion, weight, comfort and curvature—does it make the cut.

Our Lenses

Blue is our darkest lens. Great for off-shore fishing when the sun is bright. 

Green is our second darkest lens, perfect for fishing flats, reefs and shore-lines in bright sun.

Silver lenses are medium light, high contrast lens. Great for fishing in both bright sun and lower light.

Rose lenses are medium light, high contrast lens. Great for fishing in both bright sun and lower light.

Grey lenses are great low contrast lens with less bling than the mirrored version.

Copper lenses have great high contrast lens for spotting underwater structures and fish.