Summer In AK

When Craig told us he was heading to Alaska to spend summer guiding Nushagak River at the Western Alaska Sportfishing Lodge, we figured why not give him a few things to throw in the bag and test out. 

In a place where things get wet and stay wet, and bugs are big enough to carry fly-fisherman away, we still saw a few select Twelve Weight items as worthy of taking up valuable luggage space. The always versatile OCEANwt Hoodie, our Trucker LT Hat, and a FREEwt Mask.

The mask didn't see much use, Craig's beard provided all the bug protection he needed, but the hoodie and hat were fished hard. The OCEANwt functioned as a baselayer on cooler rainy days, and when the sun would break it was the perfect light and quick drying outer shell.

Rainbow trout were the primary target species, but dolly vardon and salmon were not to be overlooked. After a successful 3-months living out of a tent, and spending everyday on the water, rain or shine, Craig came back to civilization with nothing but positives to say about the gear. Everything held up remarkably well for the rigorous conditions they were put through.

A little icing on the cake, after the trip the same shirt and hat saw a fall and winter season working an oyster farm on the mid-coast of Maine. Still in use today, standing the test of any conditions they are put through, we are proud to make products that have lifespans surpassing the initial impulse to buy.