Unexpected Catch

Waste deep casting for stripers in Maine, it's no surprise when you set the hook on a timid strike and seconds later you're watching backing fly off your reel. It is a surprise, however, when that timid strike is a sea run brown.

When people think of world class flats fishing, most do not think of Maine. That’s just because Mainer’s are good at keeping secrets. There aren’t many places you can target +40in stripers in waste deep water, often times with the sun high overhead.

Maine is one of those places. With the right patterns, in the right places, with the right tides—Maine has some of the best fly-fishing on the East Coast, and it’s largely overlooked.

This keeps it uncrowded and pristine, often times with no boat required. The water is cool and crystal clear. The sand is soft and easy to navigate. This does not mean the fishing is easy. The techniques take time to master, and the spots often require climbing over jagged rocks, bushwhacking, trespassing, and being able to stand eerily still in relatively freezing waters.

That is the juxtaposition of Maine, beautiful and mean. The 12wt line flourishes under the beating Maine summer sun and it dries quickly so you aren’t cold and wet all day.