Under the Australian Sun

Twelve Weight has made its way in the hands of adventurous people all over the world. This month’s spotlight is on Yoshi Taguchi, an angler, restaurant owner and chef living in Brisbane, Australia. A longtime friend of the Twelve Weight brand, he shares his go-to items when it comes to staying protected against the tough Australian climate.

Yoshi got started early, he’s been fishing since the age of three. Growing up, his family would visit the small village of Fukui Prefecture located in the Northeast region of Japan. After admiring his grandfather, a fisherman, he began traveling each summer with his family eager to fish alongside of him.

As he got older, the urge to be out on of the water only grew, and he began traveling overseas to experience fishing all over the world. Researching the right spot, he realized there are countless diverse and beautiful fish located in Queensland, Australia. Now residing in Brisbane for the past 16 years, he’s in close quarters with some of the best fishing destinations in the world.

Aside from chasing Saratoga Arowana, casting for Longtail Tuna, or catching New Zealand’s big brown trout, his most proud feat to date was catching a Red Snapper on the fly. After seeing a photo of another angler doing the same, he was eager to learn where and how. Endless research, trial and error, and a love for long days on the water, awarded Yoshi what he was after. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, as the “Snapper on Fly technique,” as Yoshi puts it, was new to most anglers in Brisbane. It was an unforgettable experience to say the least.

While a significant portion of Yoshi’s time is spent on the water, he can most often be found at his casual style Japanese Restaurant. Both a chef and owner, he enjoys running a business that fulfills another passion in his life.

"Protecting yourself against UV rays is a serious matter for Australian Anglers, as we are under some of the highest UV in the world."

Living in the Australian heat, overexposure to such high levels of UV can be extremely harmful, and it has become increasingly important to take precautions when it comes to sun protection. Being out on the water with little shade can significantly heighten these risks. Yoshi strongly recommends the protective fabrics if, like him, you are fishing in these high & humid temperatures. With many of the Twelve Weight shirts he owns over a few years old, the quality stands, allowing him to wear them fishing or for everyday activities.

"Twelve Weight Clothes are more comfortable and durable than any other fishing apparel I've ever worn. I strongly recommend wearing their lightweight microfiber shirts, especially if you are fishing in high & humid environments. It keeps you cool and dry."

His go-tos are the SUNwt shirts, as they are 50+ UPF along with his must-have FREEwt mask, which is 40+ UPF. The FREEwt mask is a must have because the breathable mesh panel prevents his glasses from ever fogging up after a long day on the water.

On the other side of the world, it’s common to wonder, why Twelve Weight? After seeing our apparel on Twelve Weight ambassador, Capt. Will Benson, Yoshi was drawn to the cool colors and creative designs. He finds that our products, specifically the lightweight microfiber shirts, are more comfortable and durable than clothing he’s worn in the past.