Taking Twelve Weight to the Trails

Twelve Weight Ambassador, Martin Carranza, recently ran the Everglades Ultramarathon, and he brought our gear with him.

While a huge part of Martin’s life is on the water as a fly-fishing guide in Biscayne Bay, he’s also used our Twelve Weight gear out on the trails. He finds that the gear works well in a variety of environments, with the quality to withstand years worth of adventures.

This past weekend, Martin ran and finished the Everglades Ultra Marathon - a huge feat, both physically and mentally. The race was 50 miles through beautiful terrain starting at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. 

So what motivates a fly-fisherman to run 50 miles in almost 90 degree weather? His consistent pursuit to challenge the body and mind is what makes him a perfect representation of the Twelve Weight brand. He uses these experiences to help benefit organizations he cares about, specifically ones focused around protecting his second home, the ocean.

Throughout the race, Martin found the the material of the arm sleeves helped control his body temperature while managing to stay in place. They also prevented chaffing, and created protection from the sun, without overheating. The face mask was also another great protective layer from sun exposure, and controlled perspiration on his face.

To stay hydrated, Martin used the 12wt HydroFlask, loaded with broth and electrolyte drinks. Between the sleeves, face mask, and HydroFlask - we kept Martin protected to overcome 50 miles of sun and exhaustion through the Everglades, and we can’t wait to see where our gear takes him next.