Running on Passion

We recently had a chance to catch up with longtime Twelve Weight ambassador and street team member Martin Carranza. For years, he has tested our gear fishing for sea run browns and golden dorado in Argentina as well chasing saltwater species in South Florida and Cuba. He's provided us some of his top picks for both water and land.

Martin was born in what some would consider the birth place of fly fishing: Argentina. As early as five years old, he can remember his dad and grandfather packing up the car (and him) to travel hundreds of miles ending on unpaved roads to seek out the best fishing spots. After long days of fishing and a few nights under the stars - they’d head back with anticipation of the next adventure. Growing up this way emerged a natural passion and intrinsic need for fishing and the outdoors.

Years later, Argentina experienced a financial crisis. Along with many others, Martin lost nearly everything. In efforts to get back on his feet, he took a job offer in Boston where he quickly adjusted to life in the states, a bustling city and cold New England winters. It wasn’t long before the waters were calling, and so was warmer weather. 

Martin followed the sun, friends, and great fishing down to Miami where he planted his roots for years to come. When first arriving, he was tasked with finding good spots to fish in an area riddled with fisherman reluctant to share their secrets. Learning the lay of the land proved challenging, and it quickly became a game of trial and error.

With his trout fishing background and endless curiosity as a youth, he had crossover knowledge that contributed to his unique style of fishing. Alongside his lifestyle as a fly-fishing guide, Martin’s been known to dabble in some extracurriculars like Ultra Marathons. He finds that the Twelve Weight gear, like him, can function well in a variety of environments.

With fly-fishing in his blood, a humble attitude, and a contagious energy: Martin became a quick favorite in Biscayne Bay as a guide. It’s no surprise that Martin seeks to channel his passion for fly-fishing into taking care of the space he does it in. Currently, he’s organizing a tournament called “trash fishing” focused around actively participating in the cleanup our environment. He believes it’s increasingly important to nourish the land we live on, and he’ll take any opportunity to create awareness about our role in managing pollution in the ocean.

Martin sums up his philosophy pretty well with a simple set of instructions that apply not only to fishing, but life as a whole.

“Do whatever sport or recreation you love without getting stressed out or setting your expectations too high. It’s all about having fun, people take life too seriously sometimes. For me, it’s just fishing. It doesn’t matter what kind of gear you have or how much you spent on it. Have a good time, clean up after yourself, respect the fish, conserve, think of others, share experiences with friends, your family, or your brothers and sisters.”