Gray's Best Award

Winning a Gray's Best means a lot to us. Especially when they say we've made them, "Appreciate an article of clothing so ubiquitous that they'd start taking it for granted."

Gray's Sporting Journal

The basic design of the baseball cap dates back to 1860, but 12wt—a relatively young company that makes angling-specific apparel—has thoughtfully tweaked this iconic headwear. The attention to detail in 12wt’s cotton–linen line of ballcaps ($29) made me appreciate an article of clothing so ubiquitous that I’d started taking it for granted.

First, the fabric: the blend of cotton and linen is drastically lighter than a standard hat. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.

Second, the bill: these caps come in three different styles with three different bill lengths, but they all feature what 12WT calls its “optic black fabric” on the underside. I would describe it as dull black velvet, and it excels at absorbing glare.

Third, the button: you know that metal button that sits on the top of most every cap? They got rid of it, reducing weight and improving comfort.

Fourth, the band: the headband is absorbent and wicks moisture away from the skin. It’s also incredibly soft and comfortable.

Fifth, the clasp: instead of stiff plastic sizers, awkward metal buckles, or uncomfortable snaps, these caps have adjustable, plastic clips attached to a small strip of elastic. It’s like getting a pillowy hug around your head all day. I may have dozens of hats in my collection, but I reach for this one most often.

- Miles Nolte, Gray's Sporting Journal